Kerr is a Scottish interior designer and television presenter who is currently the face of Channel 4's immensely popular daytime property show Coast v Country.

It was back in 2012 that Kerr first hit our screens on Kitchen SOS and he now has over 100 episodes of property-related television under his belt. Add to that the hundreds of refurbishment projects that he's worked on since setting up his Interior Design company, Hastings Drummond, in 2008 and there are few people more convinced of the important part design has to play in our daily lives:

"I ardently believe that, no matter the size or architectural style of your home, 

if it's interior has been well designed it will improve your life!"

Kerr was born in Bearsden near Glasgow and, although he now lives down south, whenever he gets time off he loves returning home to visit his family and venture out into Scotland's wilderness. 

Walking the West Highland Way is a particular favourite and he recommends it to pretty much everyone he meets. You never know, if you give it a go yourself, you might bump into him along the way!

For outdoors-loving Kerr, Coast v Country is the dream job as he has been lucky enough to visit some of the country's most beautiful seaside locations and meet the amazing characters who live there. 

Kerr's also a keen golfer and horse racing enthusiast but don't ever ask him for any tips!




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